Wednesday, 7 June 2017

2 Lovely Runs

On Sunday we went down to Gullane. Again. And headed east to Yellowcraigs, taking in the woods, and then back from Dirleton to Gullane. A little under nine miles. On our way we encountered much wildlife.

I was just saying in the woods that there weren't any butterflies when suddenly we were surrounded by Spotted Woods. Peter got some amazing photos but tragically his computer has gone under after wheezing like an asthmatic for several years now. Maybe they can be recovered and maybe they can't.

Sometimes it's irksome when Peter gets lost looking at things. This time it was "stones with writing on them." It was a lovely day though and I wasn't bothered at all.

Back at home I discovered something nasty down the side of the shower.
There was a whole other story after this but it's late and I need to get to bed.

 Today we should have been heading up the road to Scrabster to get to Orkney for the Hoy Half at the weekend. We both got in from work at about 7pm last night though - and both of us had taken 2 soakings on our bikes on a day of wall to wall rain. I suggested we put the trip off a day. We'd have today to get organised. And it looked like it was going to be sunny. So before packing and getting organised, we went down to Gullane for another run....we went the same run...

The world was brand new after a solid day of rain.

It's amazing what you find on the woodland floor.

Deer in the long grasses.

 I spent ages trying to get a crisp picture of wee birds on a waving stick. Did I mention it was windy? Don't know what these are....

Then climbed up a tree only to nearly fall out when I discovered I was surrounded by tree coloured bugs! Don't know what they are either...

But there was an army of them.

A quick selfie while Buchanan is in the toilet taking pictures of himself in the mirror.

So it's after 10pm and it seems we have not packed for tomorrow yet! Better get moving.

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