Sunday, 26 March 2017

Le Weekend

Unusually, the sun came out this weekend. It had been looking like this might happen for a few days and we'd been discussing what we should do. Peter needed a 30 miler to keep his perfect Tynecastle Bronze record. I was reluctantly acknowledging that I do need to start doing some properly longer runs soon as I have a marathon at the end of May. But I didn't want to run 30 miles. The longest I've run this year is 16 miles, so 18 would be an appreciable increase. 20 was more than I wanted.

But I also had a shiatsu massage lined up for Saturday morning. I like trying things out and have discovered that you can get cheap shiatsu massage if you let shiatsu students do their exams on you. And it was just on the next street, which was perfect. Shiatsu massage is just light touching with your clothes on, before you get all excited. It's aligned with Chinese Medicine and I think they shift your chi around.

To accommodate everyone's needs and wants, Peter planned to hook up with Nick W to start a Tynecastle Bronze at Longniddry - run to North Berwick where I would join them, and continue on some 18 mile loop which Peter was selling as being filled with exotic fowl and tropical insects, beautifully manicured trails and sea-scapes to die for.

There was some tight timing involved so I had my massage and then had to shift gear somewhat - throw some strong coffee down my neck, and a big flapjack and motor down the road to get to NB in time. The sun was out, the coffee was hitting, there was some big baritone singing opera on Classic FM and the world seemed simply marvellous. 

I arrived in NB before my ETA but Peter and Nick were already there. In his enthusiasm, Nick had decided to do a Parkrun first and then pick up Peter and drive to Longniddry so they were ahead of time. I met up with them in Poonthai's where their table was crowded with teapots and cups. It was amazingly hot - 14 or 15 degrees after it having been snowing a little earlier in the week.
All of us suffered with it.

The boys were holding back for me but I was still going just slightly quicker than maybe I should have. I slowly dropped back and 'the boys' (some old guy and Nick W) joked that maybe my masseur from earlier in the day had put my chi in the wrong place. Haha. Puff puff. Plod Plod.
It was a nice trail. Nick and Peter claimed to see a green pheasant. I doubt it. I didn't see anything.

The sun seemed to make my lower legs all hot and my feet swell up and the last 5 miles were a bit of a horrid slog which I spent thinking about how much I don't want to run a marathon. Maybe I should transfer my place? Imagine that! Just not bother doing it!

A green pheasant. 

 So that was yesterday. We definitely didn't drink enough AND we burned our stupid faces. I had to get up in the night twice to drink water to cool down. My muscles were all achy and twitchy. It was hotter than hell.

Today we went for a much more moderate, soothing 6 miler at Gullane. We got some much needed coffee in at Falko's. Tempers were frayed and we got a bit shouty for a while. Nice to be out in the sun again though. After the first mile some of the cement fell off my legs and it was easier to run again.
The car opposite 'Picassoed' the Berlingo in quite a groovy way.

Hello deer.

Hello Beetle.

I didn't tell him to put his hands up, it must be force of habit.

A bird with a fishes tail!

Harry the Crab deceased.

And that's it. It was nice to see Michael Law at the start of our run and Graeme Dunbar at the end, both in real life!

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Michael Law said...

Nice to run into you too Mary..