Sunday, 19 March 2017

Late Run

It was drizzling persistently yesterday morning despite Metcheck, the Met Office and BBC Weather all conspiring to say that the sun was shining. Me and Buchanan sloped around the house until things looked more promising. We're sometimes a little en retard, but yesterday might have been something of a record. We got down to Gullane after 3pm and were having difficulty getting out the car when we got there. These low grey skies can make you terribly grouchy and apathetic.

However. We got hopped up on coffee and scones and got out there. It took maybe half a mile to get into it.
The light was low and the photography was...illusive...

After feeling so very sluggish I found myself running quite briskly. We decided to extend our run as at least it was dry and who knew what tomorrow (today) might bring.

Skegness is so bracing.


There were a distasteful number of dead white toads bobbing just under the water. We suspect the heron.

Hohoho. Buchanan eats a tanker. Or he would if I could get it lined up properly.

I'm going to make the 3 following photographs into a triptych called

"Stand still you wee bastard."

Effective camouflage, but a fat lot of use that is to me.

Another Saturday gone. I wonder what we'll do today.

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