Sunday, 5 March 2017

Flapjack Jeapardy

Saturday was an unusual day. The forecast was so bad that Peter decided just to go and do an extra day of work. I had multiple chores to do so I thought maybe I'd do a Park Run - get the pain over early, and then come home and do things. Maybe even spring-cleaning things. Maybe even cleaning windows. Who knew.

In the morning I didn't quite fancy a Park Run though. Funny that. So I let the time slip by. But I was left with a feeling of self-recrimination -  I needed to do something a bit faster. In the end I did what I did a month or two back, which was set off to run my usual Arthur's Seat run, but as fast as I could. A time trial.

There was much less wind than predicted and it wasn't even very wet. Actually it was pretty ideal for running and I knew early on I was going quick (for that run, for me). That was a great incentive to keep pushing and in the end I managed what I like to modestly call a "world record", which actually means the fastest time I've done since I joined Strava 2 years ago. I was left with an expansive feeling of satisfaction that entirely off-set any need I'd felt to hoover or clean windows. In fact it was hard to do much. I did manage to go to Tescos and go shopping, however, and I did manage to make some home-made flapjacks.

Now that isn't anything I've ever done before. I'm not an enthusiastic cook and I don't like making anything where I have to read a recipe. We were forced to do home-economics at school in 1st year and I still remember baking 24 fairy cakes and my HE teacher telling me that they were "too pale to be appetising". Since I probably got up too late to eat breakfast I remember thinking that I could easily eat all of them. Why you would want to make them more appetising was anybody's guess. I found her statement just the greatest folly. We never saw eye-to-eye.

She kept on banging on about presentation for the rest of the year. I never did understand why you would need to encourage anyone to eat. Food, like heroin, sells itself.

ANYWAY. I had decided last weekend that I needed to have a shot at making flap-jacks. It couldn't be rocket science, and the ones in the shop are kind of horrid, and full of nonsense, and over-priced.
So I printed a recipe off the internet and did it. And it was easy.

But then Peter and I had to restrain ourselves from eating "just the crumbly bits" last night, and this morning - and I realised my mistake. We just can't have stuff like that in the house. I had some today before I went out a run, and I certainly got a rush, but I don't think they helped my running. I had the clammy sweats you get before you go into a diabetic coma and then I felt hungry again. I think I need something a bit less high octane to eat. Back to the drawing board.

This is a pointless sign, just in front of a gate, where there is no other way through. Mystifying.

It never gets old. Look at my one big leg. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

There he is. Knee working better this week.


So we went out a 13+ miler today. I was achy as hell from my world record yesterday. Peter was testing out his dodgy knee for the first time in a week.
He was just happy to be running, so wasn't pushing the pace. I was in more pain than he was. It was kind of a heavy gravity day. Still the skies were dramatic and nice.

I guess I need to up the mileage soon for the marathon in May. Not a great thought after a creaky run.
Now the big challenge is to stay away from the Flapjack Tin.


Louise said...

The other "energy food" ive been experimenting with as well as flapjacks are date and almond balls, just chuck it all in a blender roll it into little bite size snacks and put in the fridge. The only downside is they go a bit squelchy in your running backpack when they warm up.

Yak Hunter said...

Oh hey Louise!
Almond and date balls sound pretty good. I will try. If I can find the food mixer thing.