Monday, 2 January 2017

The Promathon and onathon

2017 seems to be much better than 2016. Much sunnier. I approve. Yesterday we did the Promathon out of habit. Being on holiday in the winter lends itself to sitting about on your arse looking things up on the computer, especially after a day of healthful exercise by the sea-side, so I looked up all my old results for the Promathon. I know. You're on the edge of your seat.

Well I've done it 8 times now, which means I have raced 32 miles on that terrible Prom, with a cumulative time of 4 hours, 2 minutes and 7 seconds. I have had 8 boxes of raisins and 8 boxes of orange juice, several of which are still kicking about in the car from previous years. Good for emergencies.

For some reason I was terrified before the race. I have been avoiding races and I guess this one left nowhere to hide. There was no need to hide though. It was alright. The pace felt hectic, which is funny, because despite the Marshalls being out taking their superb photos, and there being several of me, it was hard to find one where either of my feet was actually off the ground. The one below is the nearest. I was creeping up on Anne Hay -  who had run the Blackbun Run the night before and run every day of December for the Marcothon - so that I could zoom past at the end.

Inside I was Yifter the Shifter but outwardly I was sleep-walking. The inner and the outer worlds just don't match up.

The forecast said "sunny" for today, and it actually was! I wondered what I should do. It's getting near Carnethy 5 time again and if I want to do it I need to run some hills. Running up hills has been giving me a sore knee, so I'm not keen, but I thought if we went round the gentler side of the Pentlands and ran up from there, I could test it out. It was brutally cold and breath-taking and I forgot all about my knee. I didn't have any problems at all and was loving being out in the sun-shine - especially once we'd dropped down into the hills and got some shelter from the razor sharp west wind.


Beam me up.

It's amazing what some time off work does to you. Today felt pretty easy, despite racing yesterday.
My head is full of things I'd like to do for the year.
The first thing I'd like to do is eat some dinner though. So I better go.
Happy New Year to you.

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