Sunday, 29 January 2017

One sunset, two sunrises, a new pb and a run in the Pentlands.

Monday evening coming down the bridges after meeting a friend. It was lovely.

And then Tuesday morning on my bike ride to work. This was rather cheeky as I wasn't early. I was rewarded with a puncture. My nice colleagues came and rescued me though.

Saturday I dodged another Park Run. Peter went this time and I considered it but I'd left it too late to leave the house. Feeling a bit bad about this I thought I'd go and try and thrash my normal Arthur's Seat 6 miler. It was pouring with rain, which I soon didn't notice. I got a Strava PB, so best time since 2015.
Peter and Nick Williamson went off and did their Park Run, doing sub 18 minutes and then continued on to run a further 32 miles or so in the rain. Peter was, as a result, a bit below par today.

I was up well before dawn and feeling fresh as a daisy. Well, what I mean by that is, in comparison.
I didn't dare awaken Peter until after 9 though. He bounded out of bed like an old man with his legs tied together.


Billy Minto's bridge in the distance.

I needed a bit over 11 miles if I was to make my weekly minimum of 30 miles. I wasn't able to run on Tuesday or Wednesday so I was behind on the mileage. Saturday's rain had taken away any temptation to go out for a bit longer than usual, so it had to be today. Peter was dragging his feet. He started talking about how we were going to be out for 2 hours. "It'll be more like 3" I said. He frowned.

I used to be able to make it up to the top of Turnhouse in under 25 minutes, so that's what I tried today. I made it in 24.55 but at a price. Reclaiming your youth is hard. The rain that was falling yesterday had been falling as snow up the high tops so it was white, pretty but also pretty slippery in places.

We made a deal and ran all of Carnethy and all of Scald Law. I wasn't far behind Peter which I enjoyed and I don't think he did. It got pretty cloudy for a while and I thought we might turn out to have been under-dressed for a blizzard...but it cleared away. It was warmer lower down. We skirted round the side of Black Hill and Bell Hill and had only made 8 miles so Harbour Hill and Capelaw looked like a necessity. My legs were done by this time. I did a bit of tripping up hill over my own feet. We cut down round the right hand side of Castlelaw back to the Flotterstone side and back down to the car park. Not before time. That's the potted version. 12.5 miles and just shy of 3 hours.

It's been a nice January for light though, hasn't it?

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