Sunday, 15 January 2017


All very well running about in the hills, but I was needing to get back down to the beach to see the sanderlings today. It was a much softer, warmer day than it was yesterday. We were both very stiff from our run yesterday but after a mile or so we had eased off.
The tide had clearly been far up the beach with the recent full moon and Aberlady bay was full of razor and clam shells.

I'm trying to train myself out of a horror of barnacles by just looking at them. I have no idea why but this picture gives me the shudders. They look a bit like teeth and just looking at them I'm afraid they start growing on my back. What can you say?

I'm still experimenting with the range of my X30 lens. Some of the results are impressionistic in the low light. Above is a dream of sanderlings.

This is a dream of tankers.

The weekend has gone by sooooooooo fast again. Dishes to be washed. Showers to be had. Clothes to be washed. All that. Better go again.

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