Sunday, 17 August 2014

Windy Recovery Run

This wasn't today but I liked the eerie light creeping up Arthur's Seat

We were out eating curry last night and I was up way later than I usually am. This morning I was tired and I smelled of curry. I am in the habit on Sundays now of going a recovery run (I ran 13 "half marathon training miles" yesterday.) and then doing some study kind of stuff. It is slowly sinking in that I don't have to do study kind of stuff any more, so as the sun had actually come out and it was brightish I thought I'd spoil myself (and the planet), fire up the internal combustion engine and take to the coast...

It was blustery out there, but good for blowing away curry cobwebs (I'm not sure what those are either).

What do you do when you have more time than you are used to? Well apparently you slow down, take longer to do things than you normally would, put the water heater on for the dishes and then forget about it until the water temperature is what Peter calls "F*cking Nuclear!!!" Sit about in your shorts tweaking photos for hours and don't quite get round to doing some filing and stuff you've been putting off. Nice though.

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