Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday Run

The damn met office is doing it on purpose, I'm sure of it. They said all the sun would be earlier, so I got up, even though I was tired, to be sure I wouldn't miss it. It was hard to get going and out the house. It has been a good week but a tiring one. I took my camera too, in case there were any delights.

I needn't have bothered. It was grey and dowdy and a bit wet. And running down the slope onto the prom my right knee started to play up. I had to stop and stretch before I got going again - and then it went again on the prom...again I had to stop and stretch.

It was meant to be a west wind but as usual the wind was blowing in my face in both directions. I don't know how this works or who's behind it. Probably the met office too.

On the way back I climbed up some steps and set off my knee again.

Just now I've got an ice-pack on it, wrapped in a dunbar rc buff, held on with a knee support. It isn't that bad but I just plain don't want it.

And it's futile to wish I'd just stayed in bed instead. So to cheer myself up I've changed everything on camerabag.

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