Saturday, 2 August 2014

Beat the rain humdrum grey run

The weather forecast was saying rain rain rain. Especially from 9am onwards. I thought I would get out early and run the half marathon distance. I've signed up for the darn Barry Buddon half marathon at the end of the month and I am not feeling very runny. Especially fast, flat road runny. I probably won't even do it. You can probably have my place if you like.

Anyway, that was my running plan and that's what I did. Even though when I got up I discovered that the met office had switched the weather about a bit and it was in fact raining at 8am when it was meant to be dry. The heaviest rain was early on in the run.

I couldn't take a camera so I've made you a selection of greys off the internet. I hope you like them.
So what did I see? Well, I think Tom Daly is planning to take a flyer off the 10m board later today, so the road next to the Commonwealth pool is still all cordoned off. There were 2 girls in marshalling clothes just round the corner jumping up and down and waving at cars. I had a long look to see if they were advertising pizza but they didn't seem to be.

The watery bit outside that insurance office has proper water lillies this year and I was surprised and a bit pleased to see they fold up when it's dark and raining. I didn't know that before.

What else? Some tourists. Some runners. Proper ones who say hello (it was 8 in the morning and raining, of course you would say hello to a fellow runner), and the other ones who have been put in a trance by an evil magician and can't see you and can't say hello. I get a bit aggressive about this. If I waste a hello on someone who doesn't respond I am tempted to slap them. I've never done this though. I thought about saying "Who do you think you're not looking at?". You're right. I wasn't in the best of moods. The first 2 miles were kind of hard and slow. "Let the run come to you" is what some Kenyan runners allegedly say, so I said this to myself, it seems to make sense. By mile 3 I was enjoying myself. The wind was behind me on the way along the canal, - there was very little wind anyway, but it's always nice to get a push. The ducks were out enjoying the rain. I had an argument with myself about whether those canal boats are called long boats or narrow boats until I realised it was long ships I was thinking of. I don't think the vikings ever took advantage of the network of canals criss-crossing Britain.

My legs got more sore. I don't really know why. The pace was a bit slow. I couldn't be bothered looking at things and I didn't have anything that world shaking to think. It was alright though. Just 10% off your average good run.

Good to get out early and clear the way for today. So today I plan to do some tidying and filing, which is probably why I'm doing this right now.

I'm back in limbo with my dissertation because it's back with my supervisor. She says I'm in a queue. I don't really envy her her job at the moment. I'm hoping the dissertation is at a stage where there's just a teeny amount to do and then I can get it soft bound and in at the start of the week and! I can go back to reading nothing but Oor Wullie and the radio times.

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