Saturday, 11 January 2014

Some nice sunrises and a Dawn Raid

There have been some nice sunrises recently - just at the wrong time, - or at the right time to make me slightly late for work if I hang out the window taking pictures. But it seems churlish to just ignore them.
Anyway, the sunrises and the fact that I'm still thinking about  getting my legs a bit more hill-ready in case I do the Carnethy and because the forecast said it was to be a clear sunny morning made me think that WHAT WE SHOULD DO IS... get up into the Pentlands for this sunrise.

This went down wonderfully with Peter who was exhausted from starting back to work on Friday. (hahaha), and as I went off to bed the agreement was that I could go to the Pentlands for sunrise tout seul and he would be dormezing until a more respectable time. However, when I climbed out of bed very early this morning there was a note for me that I should check in case he wanted to come too...

I think to both of our surprises we were actually half way up Turnhouse as the sun rose. It was a nice sunrise. Not the most spectacular because there weren't many clouds. What was more spectacular was the light in the Pentlands. Everything was covered in a light frost and the pinky light picked out the gingery highlights in the boggy grass and heather. There was a cutting headwind to start with though so there wasn't much time for hanging around drinking it all in. My hands were freezing in thin gloves and I bitterly regretted not taking thermal gloves and a warmer hat. Most of the time I have to take things off when I get running, but today by East Kip, despite the three layers I had on up top I put on my thin Montane jacket and kept it on for the rest of the run.

Coming down the path that cuts down just before East Kip it was a relief to get lower and somewhat out of the wind, but was also disappointing as it was deeply in shade and it was much nicer being in the light. I think it was this that made me want to go right up Black Hill rather than just skirt round the edge. Heading back with the wind behind felt a lot more relaxing and less serious. It was cold enough today to make you think quite seriously about what would happen if you broke an ankle and had to go slowly.

We crossed paths with another couple of unknown runners and that helped us keep our focus for the return journey. We weren't exactly racing them, but we weren't exactly letting them go either. Up the roundy hill after Harbour Hill (It might be Capelaw?) they were taking selfies next to the metal statue thing and at this point we passed and stayed ahead.

We headed back via CastleLaw  and got back to the car having run 12 hilly miles. I was quite pleased with the way it went. I never pushed, never really flagged but was damn glad to stop running at the end. Judging by the short walk from the car to the house my legs will be very stiff tomorrow.

Peter took millions of photos so no doubt the highlights will appear on his blog eventually.
UPDATE! Here's some more from today below.

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