Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shining Skull

That's better! My essay is written and submitted (electronically) which means there is no point trying to do any more to it. I just have a hard copy to hand in and I am free..............for the summer. Now I can concentrate on the things that telling you about our yoga class.

Me and PB have signed up for a 6 week yoga class - we're on week 3. Neither of us are showing any signs of loosening up and we have to sit apart so as not to catch each other's eyes. The chap who takes it is Indian and clearly knows his stuff - he can DO all the things, like put his foot to his ear "like a telephone" and look into it "like a mirror". Sometimes it's hard to understand just what he's saying though.

Amongst other things he has us doing breathing exercises. Monday night's one was "Shining Skull" which is blowing out explosively through the nose from the lower abdomen - apparently this is supposed to super-oxygenate your brain. Unfortunately I hadn't taken in the instruction to allow yourself to breathe in in between out breaths and saw stars and very nearly hit the deck. It was only later on, googling it, that I realised my error.

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