Sunday, 26 May 2013

Edinburgh Marathon 2013 - The Day in Pictures

I did a sneaky wee half marathon in the morning - hoping to go sub 2hrs. I was sure I was on for it until the very last minute. I went under the archway at 2 hrs and 37 seconds. The Garmin says the course was too long. I was robbed. However  I had a plan to put into action so there was no time for recriminations. I wanted to get back out on the course in time to catch the marathoners on their way out and then again on their way back.

My plans were scotched however by discovering that I had beaten the baggage truck. When at last my bag did arrive I had some haggis, neeps and tatties. It was only 10.30am and it was an odd kind of 2nd breakfast but I'd been up since 5am as the Edinburgh Half starts senselessly early, and was now very hungry.

I still thought I might get out and catch the marathoners until I tried to get out of Pinkie Park the front way and realised that I was stuck. There was no way in the world I could cross the road without pushing runners out of the way (and apparently that's bad form). I had to go all the way back through the park and down Pinkie Road to get to where I could walk out the far side of Musselburgh and start to photograph marathon folk. The only benefit of this was that I got to pass the garden pictured above. I would never have seen it otherwise. What a wonder it was!

I had hoped to catch Peter who was pacing Angus Farquhar who wanted to go under 3.30 for the first time but had long since missed them. I settled in for a long sit down.

There's a lot to be said for having a nice long sit in the cool while people marathon past you though. It was quite enjoyable. I wasn't a perceptive spectator however and several people I knew had to draw my attention to them - which seems unfair since they were already doing the hard work of marathoning.

I never once wished  I was running the marathon today. It looked pretty hot, although I got cold sitting on the grass and was glad I'd brought my hat - which I'd used to wrap round my camera so it wouldn't get damaged in transit. I drew a few funny looks sitting wearing a woollen hat.

After Peter and Angus went past I headed back to Pinkie Park. It was now hoaching with people who were lame with distant gazes and froth around their mouths. I tried phoning Peter but wasn't getting a reply and was just making my way out of Pinkie Park - not wanting to do anymore circuits of it - when Peter returned my call. They'd made their sub 3.30 so were celebrating. Angus was celebrating by lying on the ground screaming and swearing with cramp. A good day out then....

I enjoyed today most of all because I have an essay to do and have not been doing it. Tomorrow - I'll do it tomorrow.

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