Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Peaked too soon

"Real life" is encroaching on my run time. I have something to do this morning as well as this afternoon and evening. I thought that this precluded having a run. But I like my Wednesday run.

I was all set to go out yesterday evening. By "all set" I mean my Monday self had decided that's what I would be doing on a Tuesday. In actual fact, as the years go by, I hate running after work. I had a wearying kind of day at work yesterday, lots of hassles and none of it was improved by the cold wind and occasional rain storms. On my bike on the way home I thought to myself - "Nuh, I'm not doing it."

Reluctantly I formed the alternative plan that I would get up early today and get out for a run that way. Before the business of the day began. I wasn't keen but the only alternative seemed to be not running at all  and that didn't seem right either. The running has been going a wee bit better so I'm reluctant to drop that ball. Don't get excited. 9.20 min/miles are the new black, but it's better than 10 minute miles, a pace I've grown more familiar with than I ever wanted to.

So my daring plan was to get up at 7am today. Before you start about that not being early, I just want to say it's all relative. I got up at 5am for years and years to do shift work so don't get all superior on me. 7am is too early to fit in with my current life-style on a Wednesday. That is all. Anyway, something or someone had other plans. I had a short dream in which I turned into the road for Leith Academy and there in front of me was a car with the registration plate LMAO, which as users of facebook will know stands for "Laughed my arse off." - and then I awoke, at 5.42am, ready for the day.

So I got up, and instead of the 5 miler I had planned, I pushed the boat out and did 8.5 hilly miles round Arthur's Seat. I have now had a long hot shower and have the happy contented feeling that God's own people enjoy. However I'm a bit sleepy and could do with a nap. Better get on with the business of the day though...

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