Thursday, 28 October 2010


I had quite a tight plan for the week which never came off. I was going to run on Tuesday, Work on Wednesday morning, club on Wednesday night, day off and longer run on Thursday, work on Friday and there was the weekend....
But on Tuesday I was pretty  knackered and hadn't got out by darkness so I thought I'd give it a miss. I'd been meaning to catalogue a load of academic papers I had in 2 shoe boxes for ages so did that instead. The work I had set up for Wednesday and Friday I didn't really want to do. It was at the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit and I find it both scarey and monotonous. Every time I've booked myself in there I've got ill - although I just suffered through it.

Wednesday morning I woke up at 5am and every time I moved my head I got dizzy. I got up anyway - (nearly falling through the clothes drying rack at the end of the bed in the dark) and had breakfast and a pot of coffee but I was still getting this horrible woozy head-rush every time I moved. So I called in sick and cancelled my Friday shift too thinking it must be flu and I went back to bed and after the coffee wore off I went back to sleep. When I got up later I was a bit better but still not good so it was another day of ghosting around in the house and trying to do studying and not going running.

This morning I woke up at 11.30 with a headache but with the wooziness almost resolved. I had been dreaming I was in Dracula's castle and concentrating on trying to keep safe and was irritated with the other people who were staying there who did not appreciate the danger and kept leaving doors open, which I had to close and lock. When I got up I popped some paracetamol and let Peter persuade me to go out a run. He's worried about his figure and I had 3 days of non-running building up in me like a bad debt...

First of all we were going to go to the Pentlands but it was pretty windy and we were there just recently so we settled on a new idea which was to go and park at the Granton end of Silverknowes and then run along Cramond and then out towards S. Queensferry on the paths that go through the Dalmeny estate and along the shore - turn around at about the 6 mile mark and come back. The wind was SWish so we thought we'd have a wind assisted return which is always nice.

I hadn't really been properly out that  way since before you were allowed to and last time had been on a bike. It was nice then but was tainted by the constant fear that some landowner was going to chase you down with a big shot-gun. So it was nice to be there and be allowed to be there...well nearly, there were some signs up saying not to pass because there was tree-clearing going on but we went anyway and there wasn't any tree clearing going on. The route was fabulous, twist, turny, soft underfoot and interesting and the miles raced by. Peter was cursing me because I told him not to bring his camera and the trees were all aflame and there were nice little beaches and views over to Fife. He'd been racing Willie at club last night and consequently was sore which I was enjoying and was therefore pushing the pace as much as I could. (Just to hear the old man grumble and groan.)

We got to more than 7.5 miles out so I put my foot down and insisted on a return as we had nothing to drink etc. and I was, in theory, ill and recuperating, although I didn't really feel it. The return journey seemed to fly by and was only slightly marred by a snarling dog and some insolent lawless gentlemen - 4 of them, who I would gladly have fought with Peter but I think they had us outnumbered....

Anyway, I think my dizziness was as a result of eye-strain, having done a bit of googling. I spent hours and hours staring into the computer on Tuesday evening and I could hardly focus my eyes by the time I went to bed. But I also think my body hates going to IPCU and I'm thinking I just shouldn't go there. Horses for courses and all that. Although this horse is a little worried about the lack of work around.

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