Saturday, 30 October 2010

To the Manor Born

Back to the Dalmeny estate today but this time armed with Amanda and a camera. We parked a bit further along than Thursday, at Cramond proper, so we could avoid the long endless windy front.

As it turned out Amanda hadn't even been up the side of the Almond for years so that made it better. Its always nice taking someone somewhere nice that they don't really know.

We showed Amanda "Eagle Crag" also apparently known as Hunter's Crag not realising that as a climber she would be straight up it without thinking twice. Peter then had to climb it too. I stuck to terra firma.

We had house envy all the way along the coast. What a lovely place that would be to live. I think Amanda and I both felt that we really should be living in Dalmeny House, but even one of the cottages down at the shore would have done us. Oh well. Last day before the clock's change so we made good use of it. Nice run out in the Autumness again. Just short of 13 miles. Another day races past...

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