Saturday, 23 October 2010

Race Prep.

I half planned to force myself to get up and do the park run this morning just to get some speed in as I missed club on Wednesday night again. Also because, although nasty, its short, so not likely to  hurt me too much before Chris Upson's new race the Run of The Mill Hill race tomorrow.

However, come 7.30 am I didn't feel keen. I could have got up, but Peter wasn't getting up - and I haven't seen much of him in the last week...So at 10.30am I woke up again, feeling altogether better. Post-breakfast the sun was shining and we thought we could take a quick turn in the Pentlands.

First of all we thought we'd do the route of the Red Moss Revolution because we really like it and its relatively low level - but then Hare Hill was going to be soaking wet after the heavy rains last night so we thought we'd run up the Drove Road past Hare Hill and up onto the Kips. We came off East Kip and angled down to The Howe and then along the path to Black Hill. The path was running with water - the rain must have tipped down last night. I never saw or heard it.

After running down the side of Black Hill we extended the route further right a bit and then headed back along the path back to the car at the Red Moss Car Park. A bit more than 9 miles altogether so maybe a bit much the day before a hill race of about the same length but it was really nice out and we were both enjoying it...

We'll see what tomorrow's like. Unprepared would be an understatement for how we are at the moment. Better have a shower...

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