Monday, 7 June 2010

The coach is a fool

Ambition overtook sense today - and not for the first time! First of all I thought I needed to go to the Pentlands to run the Skyline, but giving Peter a lift to a new job with his ladders I realised it really was pretty wet and dismal out there so I decided to modify my plans and do something in town. First of all it was going to be 19 miles round the airport route with the 2nd half done at tempo pace. Then I thought its a while since I've done a long run, maybe it would be wise to just run 17 so I planned to go up the Water of Leith, back down via the canal, round the back of Arthur's Seat and home. With the 2nd half at tempo. So the first half was quite pleasant and then I moved up through the gears and ran a painful 3 further miles as someone filled my legs with concrete. I then hurpled sorrowfully home the shortest way I could think of. 14.5 miles with 3 at "pace" (wasn't even that fast). Maybe a little longer recovery after the last half marathon would be an idea.

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