Saturday, 27 March 2010

Park Run Plus

I had a couple of different boxes to tick running-wise today. I wanted to get back into the Park Run thing, painful as that would be and also make up my weekly mileage to over 50 miles.
Going back to the Park Run was never going to be psychologically easy having not been since I did a pb in December. I knew there was little chance I could match that and was scared of how much worse the news might be. Then there was a stonking great wind forecast - as it turned out, accurately.
The sun was out however and we were fairly chipper as we set out in the van this morning. Getting up was surprisingly easy now that its lighter and we've both been getting up early for work recently.

I'd forgotten about the initial dread just before the start. Then we were off. A good strong tail wind to start with so I felt fine for a while. I ran my fastest ever park run mile - 6.32 - and then things slowed down considerably. As usual my plans to find someone to hide behind for the mile and a half into the wind fell apart. I couldn't keep up with anyone that was going by! I tried not to flail too much now running in slow motion into the constant headwind. Clare Gordon's dad Alan went by and I managed to hold onto his shirt tails for a while before he too moved on ahead. Still - its only 3 miles, and it wasn't long before I could see where the path diverges for the finishing straight. There was some shelter from the trees and change of direction once there and I managed to pick it up for the finish. Started to feel better after some  heavy breathing and the desire to puke subsided.  21.55. Liveable with. Hopefully I can build on it. It could have been worse.
Peter was not as philosophical about his performance. Its a painful business losing speed and facing up to what the damage is.

Part 2 of the day was good anyway. There was a fair handful of Porties there. I saw Bert, Jim Scott, Willie and Douglas. I heard Michael Fullerton was there but didn't see him. Apologies if there were others. Post-race analysis is one of my favourite sports. Love to hear what other people have to say.

There was a big HBT lady turn out - dressed as yellow and brown hens. I thought it was as a nod to easter and all that but it was a hen night - or day. I saw Brian Cruickshank in the distance looking lean and mean.
Karen Munro was supporting on her racing bike. A good melee of runners.

After chatting til we got too cold we headed out for some more slower miles up beside the Almond. Our original intention was to do the airport loop but instead we took the path that runs towards South Queensferry and then looped round to where the Cramond Ferry goes from to see if there's a path up the river on this side. Pretty soon we were bush-whacking though and were getting lacerated by thorns so we turned around and ran back the way we'd come. There's a lot of spring activity on the go and its very nice. Wild garlic, crocuses, blue skies, bursting rivers, ducks, crows and dogs.
I wish I could run all my 5K miles at 6.32 pace.
Tomorrow we must go long again....

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