Monday, 22 March 2010

Bright and Breezy airport run

I'd left myself with the option of doing a long run today or not, depending on how I felt after the Alloa half yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night sore and semi-hungover and swore I wouldn't run a step today and got up this morning in a similar frame of mind - but then somehow I didn't really feel all that bad and I thought that maybe if I took it really easy it would be okay.

The day dried up, which also helped. Peter had to work so it was going to be another solo run. I filled up my ipod with a bunch of new stuff for entertainment.

The first mile was to the bank and back to pay in a cheque. Then I headed out towards Cramond and the airport run. I've overused this route in the past but its been months since we've been out there so it didn't seem so bad. The reason I wanted to do it was there was a Southwest wind which would be in my face on the way out and then would help me on the way back when I was tired.

Pretty soon the sun came out and turned into a really nice day. There were big boiling clouds scudding across a blue sky making the light change constantly and before long I was feeling positively cheerful.
My legs felt surprisingly good considering I ran a half yesterday and I started to feel a glimmer of hope that all these long runs are doing something. The legs stayed  fresh up until about 18 miles when I started to suffer a bit, but nothing too unbearable. Whether I get struck down with double-DOMS tomorrow remains to be seen.

Today's delightful repast was Boots bars and dates again, same as last week. I've discovered, however, that the dates won't do if I plan to run faster as they scoot through the system a bit quick. I had coffee and dates in preparation for last Wednesday's 8 mile tempo run at club - and the last mile, though not the quickest, required the most concentration as I had to get to the toilet at the clubhouse fast....I know. Too much information.

So today - 21.24 miles. I'm not saying how long it took. Av. HR 135 which is about 73% of max which is probably about right. As I write I can hear what I'm writing being narrated by television's David Mitchell, so if I sound a bit posh that's why. Too long out alone under the maddening skies...

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