Saturday, 6 March 2010


Today we ran the KB5. Haven't done this one before and had been warned that it was hilly. It was hilly! Went into it with a fair amount of trepidation because I had no idea what I'd be able to do. Fairly content with 36.27. At the Park runs last December Claire Gilchrist routinely went past me after the first mile and then beat me. I saw her there today and promised myself I'd keep behind her and hold on for as long as I could. Stayed close behind for the 1st mile (6.51) and then "let go". There were a few guys around me I could beat up the hills and who would then come past me on the flat and downhills so that gave me something to focus on. They all beat me but not by much. It was an ideal day for running. Bright and cold. My throat feels like its been cleaned with a bottle cleaner.

Porties also there were James Harrison (super fast triathlete) and Scott Jarvie. Willie J. was saving himself for Lasswade 10 tomorrow so kindly took the photos. We have a whole rake of photos so Peter's going to do something with them on the Porty web-site.
Feel slightly grumpy after talking to James afterwards, who is also a nurse, and gets no concessions in terms of working hours etc. to help him pursue his sport. (I've had a very supportive boss and still its a battle to train and race.) James is aiming to get to the World triathlon championships in Budapest this August. On top of the NHS not really supporting sport he was telling me about a number of triathlons that have not run because the police are against them. Given that Scotland is known as the sick man of europe with a terrible health record you'd think the authorities might think about how they could be promoting sport in Scotland rather than putting obstacles in the way. That is sport other than football, which I don't know much about, but I gather is a handful of fit guys who are usually not Scottish and then a huge rabble of burping, farting, loud, drinking, shouting imbeciles who double park on my street of a Saturday so I can't even go home if I've been out in my car.
Grrrrrrr! Anyway.
We had a cup of tea in the student union afterwards and then clapped the thin people who won. I was glad that Claire Gilchrist won the vet prize.
Long run tomorrow. We're thinking train to North Berwick and run back again.

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