Monday, 16 November 2009

Rainy Long Run

We'd thought we might go to the Pentlands or maybe the Lomonds of Fife for a long easy run following the weekend's raciness but the opportunity to get up early came and went and recovery seemed more important than another day's discipline. The weather forecast said quite high winds and rain. Never encountered any high winds but it was raining most of the time we were out. What better place to go and celebrate the abundant wateriness but up the Water of Leith and down the canal with the ducks and the coots?

Racing 2 days at the weekend made it more acceptable to plod along at a nice easy pace and take in the pleasant things that were around. There were leaves blown everywhere in lots of different colours; green, gold and ghostly white! There was no lack of mud.
The few people who were out were as nutty as us and generally grinned ruefully.

16.3 miles in a leisurely 2hrs 40 mins with stops to try and take pictures of the beautiful golden trees but were using our "B" cameras and the lighting was very low and the damp was making them fog up, so it was difficult. Results above.

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