Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday Long run

Pentlands again. We had visitors in the morning so were late to set off and take advantage of what little light there was. Plan for my re-introduction to the hills and general long run was Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, S. Black Hill, E. and W. Kips, down the Drove road, hop across to the path between Black Hill and Hare Hill, go down the side of Black Hill and cut across the reservoir and right down to the where the path turns back up to take you between Bell's Hill and Harbour Hill, then back down onto the road and back to Flotterstone. This was an untried route but got all the big hills over with in the 1st half.

It was cold and there was a stiff breeze blowing. We took it genuinely easy. Peter normally pushes the pace without intending to, but not today. Like last week, 2 races at the weekend seems to put paid to that feeling that you should be going faster. We were both fairly jolly but tired from the weekend and plodded along gently. At the tops I had pause to remember how in the wind you (or at least I) seem to drool and snotter simultaneously making nasty wet arcs which billow out sideways in the wind. "Why am I drooling?" I wondered, "Is this so delicious?"

The best I could come up with was that its something to do with your nose and mouth being condensing chambers. I noticed in America that my nose didn't run at all when I ran, when presumably the outside temperature was nearer the temperature of my blood. Answers on a post-card. Or a comment, help yourself.

So we were no great shakes speed-wise but enjoyed the rather savage scenery as the clouds scudded across the sky, the sun sometimes too bright, sometimes totally covered.

Because of our late start we had cut it rather fine by the time we were heading home between Harbour Hill and Bell's Hill and it was difficult to make out the rocky, slithery, muddy path. Back down on the road we could look around enough to enjoy the half moon and presumably Venus throwing their light on the water between the Pine silhouettes. Our stomachs were very empty though and we began to fantasise about food. That got us down the last bit of road to the car where there were bananas and chocolate and hot peach juice in a flask. I've promised Peter when we're well into our training for the Highland Fling we can start eating custard and jam doughnuts. I think he's going to hold me to it.

13.45 miles in 3hrs 09 minutes. I'm going to be tired for work tomorrow.

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