Saturday, 21 November 2009

Another Park Run, Another PB.

Another Saturday dawned with filthy weather forecast but a little pocket of calm and sunshine from 9 - 10 am was enough to allow the Park runners to have their race unscathed. Difficult not to think its some kind of divine reward for getting up when we don't have to.

The weather was about perfect. It was cold and sunny. Slight headwind on the way out but nothing to speak of. I'd nabbed a massive PB last week so really had no expectations - or was trying not to have any.

Its becoming an increasingly social event as well. I've seen Clare Gilchrist of Ferranti at races for years but only really got speaking to her at the park run. Also there today were John Blair, making a comeback after a few years out, quite a few Porties including Shery (who is Johnny's sister but I had not realised), Bert almighty and Kerry getting in a wee sneaky low-pressure race post 2nd baby.

Ran off far too hard because Jenni and Shery were ahead of me, clocking up a foolish 1st mile of 6.39, which I paid for with the next 2 being 7.05 and 7.04 according to the Garmin.
It being my 4th Park run all the different parts of it are becoming familiar. The familiar feeling when the Garmin beeps for the 1st mile when what I usually think is "Christ is that only one mile?", and that desperate feeling at 4K when the finish still seems a long way off and its all to play for.
Long story short I finished in 21.16 according to my watch or 21.18 according to the organisers. I must figure out just exactly where the finish is! Another chunk off my time and going sub 21 now seems truly possible. Shery streaked past me at the end and I had nothing to respond with but I'll know to keep an eye on her in the future! Jenni also set another new pb.

Post-race we went off and met Amanda and Scott to climb at Alien Rock and by the time we came back out it was cold and wet as forecast.

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