Monday, 15 June 2009

Beltane 10K

Sigh. Only really blogging about this because I want to move on from my last post Turdo. This was a good race. Never done it before. I'd missed some sleep here and there and been quite busy so it wasn't a big surprise that I was somewhat sluggish. Also not been doing Bert's sessions so probably not doing enough speed work. Also a bit fat. Also a bit dehydrated. So I turned out a ho-hum performance which cost me dear in terms of effort. I made a good 1st mile. 7 min mile pace. "Maybe I can keep this up!" I thought - next mile 7.55, then I got my puff back a wee bit, - 7.43, then a few nearer 7.30 pace - even though it was downhill. Oh well. Tried as hard as I could. 45m49s pace.

I enjoyed it once it was over and enjoyed the enormous Porty presence.

7 Hills this weekend...

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