Friday, 3 April 2009

Pea souper

After a pretty good club night run following nightshifts (tempo run with Richard -aimed to do 8 miles in under an hour and made 59m 58s...) and a rest yesterday I thought I'd be fine today but have just been out for the most ponderous lifeless run in the thick fog. The highlight of it was when I tripped over and lay on the ground for a minute or two.

The fog itself was quite enjoyable; swallowing up familiar landmarks and making us question whether perhaps we were in purgatory (this was shortly before I fell over). We saw what looked like a couple of blokes standing right in the middle of the wet patch at Hunter's Bog. From the other side they resolved into two bushes. Round the other side of the Seat there were some pleasant things going on with sunshine and fog. Wherever we looked our world disappeared within 20 feet.

After yesterday's warmth it is chillingly cold.

Hope I've recovered by Sunday.

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