Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday Long Run

Ambitious long run, but it was a nice day. Our legs were still scratched and aching from Saturday's hill race but it seemed a good idea to get another long run in while we had time. Next problem; where to go? "Off road if possible" says Buchanan so I went away and thought about it.
After a while it came to me. Multi-terrain from Leith to the Pentlands, over the other side and back home somehow or other. We took plenty money in case we had to bale at some point. I really didn't know how many miles getting up to and into the Pentlands might be and hence what the best way home might be.

We ran up the side of Arthur's Seat and then across to the Hermitage. Up from near Morningside to Fairmilehead and then Hill-End. Up over a few tops until we could choose whether we wanted to get back down at Bonaly or carry on over another hill and go down via Balerno.

It was already over 10 miles as we neared the Bonaly turn off and although we were enjoying being out in the hills both of us were pretty tired already. As we got onto more familiar territory, aka the Water of Leith there was no longer any novelty keeping our attention and we ran home at a crippled pace. I say ran home but I must confess I ran to exactly 20 miles and then walked as I had promised myself I could walk at 20 miles. This led to a strange floating sensation. We were still a mile and a half from home so after a while of cooling off I consented to start running again - mainly to get warm.

Several hours later and after scrambled eggs with ham and tomatoes and cheese on top and several cups of tea I am feeling a bit better, but my legs and feet are letting me know it was a bit ill-advised. Day off tomorrow I think.

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