Monday, 20 April 2009

Another long run in the Pentlands

I've fallen out with my Walshes after yesterday's long run in the Pentlands. When I first put them on they felt a bit tight but I've not worn them in a while so I assumed they'd ease up over time. Either my feet have grown or I've gone soft or both but by the third hour (tipping along in the beautiful sunshine) my feet were nippy, and by the fourth hour I was seriously considering running barefoot as an alternative. Going uphill was hard and then coming downhill was horrendous. My difficulty was I didn't want my feet to touch the ground but I couldn't find a way of running without this happening.

The pictures speak for themselves; it was a spectacularly lovely day. Long slow run with much complaining, variations on a theme of the Skyline. 16 miles and 4hrs 10 mins "running".

Wish I could make my own shoes like Billy the Shoe (see blog list), but until I develop this skill I should maybe buy some new old lady's shoes with a bit more cushioning.
I've had a fairly happy time with my Swoops, - they're pretty comfortable but the grip isn't always the best. I'm thinking I should give the Inov8 mudclaws at least a try-on in the shop. I liked a lot of things about Montrail Highlanders but they're too high at the back of the heel which annoys my achilles so I just don't wear them anymore. Plus the colour scheme's pretty crazy. Any suggestions of a good grippy hill-running shoe with a lowish heel then leave a comment and I will know that I am not alone.

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