Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wet (Pent) lands

We needed a long run in the hills again. Next Saturday is the Ben Nevis Hill Race and at the end of the month The Two Breweries, so despite the weather report and the rain already falling we headed to Flotterstone once again.

Today's route; Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, South Black Hill, East Kip, West Kip, the drove road, Hare Hill, Black Hill, Bell Hill, Harbour hill, Capelaw, round the side of Castle Law and then back to Flotterstone. Mileage; 13.81 miles in 3hrs28mins. Quite enjoyable despite almost persistent rain. Photos from the Green Cleuch except for the frog which appeared near the top of Black Hill.

1 comment:

Gnarls said...

Squelchy shoes but still looks fun. Do the Highland Fling Peter you know all the cool kids do ultras.