Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Skyline Recce

Decided to run the whole of the Pentland Skyline route yesterday. Getting up when we woke up and taking it from there. So I was up at about 11am after a hectic weekend at a course in Glasgow.

Apparently it was a bright sunny morning but I never saw it myself. It was overcast all the way round. We set off at 2.30pm and left the hills in the car at about 7.30pm. Too tired to cook we got takeaway special fried rice.

Garmin says 16.96miles. We were running for 4hrs 36 mins.


Gnarls said...

nice photos Yak, who is the sad looking boy on the rock?

Just over a week until our 50 miler, come on!!!!

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks gnarls. The wee boy was racing us up the hill. He wasn't sad he was gloating.
Excited to see how you get on in your 50 miler seems like you are going like a train.
Any tips on training long by the way?