Sunday, 3 December 2017

Aaaah back to the beach.

All that racing is fine - and very exciting - but it was a relief to take our tired legs for a run round the beach. The only rule was s-l-o-w-l-y, no racing. Peter was complaining of tight calves and I had a number of things; something on the outward side of my knees, something in my shoulders and a little stitch, all prompting me to take it easy. It was easy to do because it was a lovely mild day.

I think I'm happier with a lot of space around me. The minute I get onto the nature reserve I start to feel good.

So we stuck to 6 miles and then drove to Tescos to pick up some vegetables for tea and some other bits and pieces. Peter was getting a little bit tetchy - low blood sugar I think. He started on a book for book-group and how it had dragons in it and then he was moving onto the other customers and their dietary choices. It was time to bundle him out and get him home for a snack as soon as possible.

But we're home now. And ever so tired. Not looking forwards to chores on Monday.

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