Saturday, 22 July 2017


I had signed us both up for the Musselburgh 10K, which was today. It was never something I was looking forwards to much. After the 7 hills I thought I'd drop the mileage and do some 10K training....whatever that means. But I didn't. Then at the end of last week Peter came home with a cold and by Monday I had it. Yesterday I started coughing and that was the end of thinking about still doing it as "a training run" or "a social" or under any other guise. Anyway it was peeing with rain. I didn't even want the free ice-cream at the end.

Peter could have done it - but he didn't. Instead he enlisted me and the Berlingo to go across town and pick up some equipment from a job he has been doing round the Balerno side of Edinburgh. Since we were going past there anyway it seemed like it would be churlish not to go for a run in the Pentlands.

It wasn't that easy to get out the car, quite frankly, but there is something amusing about going out in bad weather. The car park was refreshingly free of cars. We set off up the hills into the...blank. Up the top everything was blank. And wet. And slippy. I was wearing some Inov8 ultra something shoes (there's a whole story behind them) - and they weren't that great for grip - or contouring - and then they weren't that comfortable on the nasty rocky road between Hare Hill and Black Hill on the way back.

I think my lungs quite liked the moist air. They are hot and coughy now though. I got a good night's sleep for the first night in ages last night and woke up feeling better - so I'd like some more of the same thanks. Better go and have a shower and all that....

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