Sunday, 23 July 2017

Wet again!

It was supposed to be drier today and we were going to go to Gullane. However, sometime during the day yesterday the evil masterminds at the met office switched up the weather and said that they were putting on another show of rain for today. Jeezo. Buchanan absolutely hates the rain. Me, not so much, it can be nice. But I've got a cold and a cough and it's not really ideal going out and getting a soaking - although it is actually a bit more appealing than hot and dry. My peepers don't really like the bright sun at the moment and my dry, itchy lungs were welcoming the humid air.

Looking out the window wasn't that inviting. On the roof across the way I could see a bedraggled chick huddled up against the stair rods of rain coming down....

Arthur's Seat in all its glory.

Arthur's Seat had disappeared so it was really an act of faith to head over that way. When I got there it revealed itself little by little. By then I was enjoying running. The air was soft and furry and it was warm. Buchanan had opted not to run and I was a little relieved as he hates the rain so much it was possible that he would go on about it the whole way round. With my compromised vocal chords I can't even really tell him to shut up  reason with him.

Why the long face? It's genetic.

Scotland's Edinburgh Castle.

It was misty up the seat, and there weren't many people - which was good. And the people that were there were generally for being friendly.

Back down at ground level at the parliament the streets were clearer than usual. The tourists had packed themselves onto the tour buses and were now being driven around getting their heads filled with bollocks  history. I wouldn't want it always to be so wet but it has its merits.

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