Monday, 11 April 2016

Sunday Run

The weather for Sunday promised to be sunny in the afternoon. I hate hanging around and waiting to go running. All the oomph leaks out of me. It didn't make any sense to go out in the grey though so I hung on. We drove to Gullane and had some coffee and cake about 3pm and then set off.

My legs were stiff as posts and although they eased off after a couple of miles I never really picked up speed. I've been off work and so getting out as much as I can and realised on Saturday that if you counted my mileage Sunday to Saturday I'd run 68 miles for the week!
Which is way more than I've been doing. And I'll be lucky if I don't get injured. But I've been enjoying it. It's like the good old days....when I used to run a lot....

the view from above, very Tweedledum

The weather didn't let us down. It was brilliantly sunny down by the sea-shore. I was running at glacial pace but nobody cared.

The tide got me. The photo below looked like I escaped, but I didn't, and had wet feet for the last 4 miles back to the car.


Simulation of the the Polar Bears drifting south on the north-pole ice. Brings it home doesn't it?

Unbelievable. Chips in the van for tea

So today I went out a 5 mile recovery run and a cold north wind blew and there was a splatter or two of rain too. It looks set to piss down tomorrow for going back to work.

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