Friday, 8 April 2016

Lagoon run and puppies

It's not running, but it's a shame to have pictures of puppies and not share them. We were down at Peter's sister Anne's yesterday giving their mum a lift back up to Edinburgh. There were new puppies in the house.

Peter's going for some 35 miler tomorrow so he didn't really need to go for a run today but when he heard that I planned a 15 miler round the lagoons he said he'd come too. I had to give him the usual talk - which is that I was trying to run 'at pace' which would require a policy of no talk, no interference. "Oh yes. Oh yes" he agreed while thinking about something else. Maybe which model of Hokas to get next. We have a very nice friendly post lady, but the shine was coming off delivering to our house today. She had a new pair of shoes for Peter. "Thank God you're in" she said, "my bag is throttling me". I could see her problem. The shoes were bulky so the strap that went round her neck had shortened. I promised her no more shoes for a little while, but she looked doubtful. Through our open door she can see shameful piles of shoes. If she could see round the corner she'd see further rows of racked shoes; some still young and waiting their turn to get out there, others which are past their best but seem too precious to just throw out.

It seemed like we set off first thing, but according to Strava it was 12.16 as we set off at a gallop. Err, a trot. Oh my legs. Well my hips really. I've been off this week and so running every day. Peter had had a day off so was fresher than me. I used the first couple of miles as warm up and loosen up miles but then slowly got into some kind of a pace. Peter had forgotten his instructions so he trotted up and started chatting about what shoes he might wear tomorrow.
Emmm "no talk remember?" "Oh yeah" he said and trotted off ahead - which is just annoying. What's the point in even trying? There's a distance at which he no longer affects me, maybe 20 feet or something he clears my aura and I can sink more comfortably back into myself.
And to be fair he only forgot another couple of times, the rest of the time he let me be.

After my initially challenging start I was moving along at quite a nice pace. I started to get optimistic thinking if I could keep that up things were definitely going in the right direction. About 6 miles in reality began to sink in and it was tougher. When we turned around at the far end of the lagoons there was a headwind and I immediately slowed. My legs were like setting concrete and the challenge was to get home before they set firm.
As usual, the prom on a sunny day with scooters, children, bikes, dogs and oldies was pretty terrible but once we cleared that we were nearly home.

And then I went to the Scotmid to get things for lunch and I have eaten my own weight all over again. I think I need a lie down. But I was 20 seconds per mile quicker than last time I ran that run 6 weeks ago, so I am quite pleased.

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