Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Monday

The top three photos were from last Monday. Sunset from George IV Bridge and The Mound.

Apple Parcel!

This is a very good example of the Muller-Lyer Illusion.
These posts are exactly the same length. Hard to believe isn't it?


I was lucky enough or smart enough to have the day off today. (I still do!) It seemed to strike Peter as unfair as he packed up his bag to start work today. I tried to jolly him out of his mood but his bottom lip stretched further out and I gave up. As you know, work is very good for the soul, so lucky him getting that. I had to make do with setting out to Gullane for a bit of a recovery run and to see how things are developing along the paths and shores of East Lothian.

Monday isn't the best day for going to Gullane because Falko's is shut. I considered going for a run without coffee and cake but my inner child wasn't happy. Eating cake in the car is definitely part of going to Gullane. It reminded me of a moment, years ago, when a guy I worked with, Dave, had brought his 5 year old son in to work for some reason. We were in the house of this older lady we looked after and she asked if Dave's son would like a treat. Dave's son indicated that he would like that so she reached into the fruit bowl, picked up an apple and offered it to him. Dave's son's face was a picture of anger, disappointment and despair as he wailed out "But I only eat goodies!"  Dave was embarrassed and tried to reassure the rest of us that his son didn't only eat goodies, but my sympathies were secretly with the son. Leave it to the pre-war generation to think some nasty old dried up apple that's been in the fruit bowl for more than 6 months is in some way a treat.

Anyway, my inner child was only for eating goodies today too and as Falkos would be closed I went to the Scotmid and bought an 'apple parcel', which is practically a piece of fruit. And I took some coffee in a flask.

My legs were not bad considering I ran a half marathon yesterday, but I was tired and stopped often to take photos. Nature was being rather bashful today, hiding in bushes and in the long grasses and camouflaged in the mud. I had to keep my wits about me to catch it.

Now I have had quite a big lunch and I am full as an egg. I had planned to do the dishes from last night but I think that first of all I will read my book on the sofa, which more or less means that I'm going to have an hour or two's sleep on the sofa.
I know you have heard this story before but it is one of my favourites.

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