Sunday, 20 March 2016

Alloa Half Marathon

No photos from today so I've had to be a bit creative.
It was a nice sunny day for the first day of spring. 13 miles seemed an awfully long way to run on a road for a race. There was a queue to get to Alloa in the car and then a long queue for the toilet and then a queue to leave the place as well. I had 1 1/2 Double Deckers as pre-race preparation and had the other half when I finished.

The course seems to be a lot hillier than it used to be back in 2011 when I could run 1.39! Today I ran 1.52 by my watch which was decidedly better than last year at Haddington going for a poop in a field and coming storming in sans pants in 2hrs 02mins.

Peter declared his time disgraceful and complained bitterly on the way home in the van. If he'd only run a minute or so quicker he'd have probably been happy. What the hell? Us humans are crazy. We emerge, improbably, from and into an infinite universe, made from space dust and glueons and who knows what else, and then get ourselves down in the mouth about taking a handful of seconds too long in a road race on a spring day in Alloa.

I've decided I'm quite pleased with running that far at sub 8.30 pace.

Time for something else. Making that photo has taken the stuffing out of me.

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