Saturday, 3 January 2015

Chilly coastal run

The air just smelt different this morning. A high pressure thing must have come in because in contrast to yesterday's wind and flurries of sleet, it was very cold and quiet when I woke up.

It wasn't a day of efficiency. I thought I might get out an early run so as to be back in time for the postman. Our buzzer has stopped working and he keeps not getting in the main door and we haven't had any post since Monday. But I didn't get out early, so then I was waiting in...Peter wanted to go out on his new mountain bike. I told him if he could hold off til the postie came I would give him a run to Gullane and he could cycle to NB and the John Muir Way. He held off but the postie didn't come and didn't come. I was going to give him until 11am. At 1 minute to 11 there was a knock at the door. Well done postie. Outside it was lovely but cold if you stood around for any length of time at all.

We were soon at Gullane and Peter took off on his new bike. I set off fairly briskly round the 10 mile route. The briskness lasted about the first 5 miles and then my legs stiffened up. It was a nice enough day that it didn't matter too much. I guess the Porty 4 miler is still in my legs. I didn't run at all yesterday. I couldn't face it, it was just so...challenging...outside.

And then, as the sun was lowering in the sky I headed back west, feeling a bit concerned for Peter out on his bike, it was only once I was on the move it occurred to me I could have phoned him and maybe given him a lift home. As soon as the sun lowered the temperature seemed to drop rapidly.

There was a stunning scene just past Portobello. The sea was a pale icy blue and the sky was pink and a big, nearly full moon was hanging there in the sky. I nearly turned round to try and get a photograph but I was starving and wanted to get home.

Peter arrived home half an hour after me and he loves his new bike so much that even though it is dark and baltic outside he is out there washing the mud off it.

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