Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday Swim

Just what you want to see - the grim reaper coming for you, walking on the waves!

One eye was more awake than the other one

God I was tired this morning. For some reason I just don't sleep in anymore though, so I got up anyway. I think it's one of those things older people do. It was hard enough adjusting back to GMT, it took me a couple of weeks to stop waking up at 5am.

And there was a good reason to get clear of the house. Peter and Richard were organising the Water of Leith half and they kept thinking of things I could do to help...what they were having difficulty understanding was...I didn't want to help! Anyway, I had a new neoprene under the wetsuit vest to try out - so I set off for Gullane.

First of all I needed a medium sized run. There's more Borders XC tomorrow so I wanted to stretch my legs without doing too much. 6 miles round the trails there woke me up. I was impressed with the size of the surf. It was a relatively windless day so I actually thought it was going to be one of those calm days when there'd be a chance to dig in and swim a bit further. It was not to be. Big rollers were rolling in and crashing on the shore. It wasn't just me that noticed. Death was out surfing already - as pictured above, and 2 other surfers arrived once I was in.

I did try swimming but I swallowed too much water and gave up on it. It was a bit frightening but also great. I went out and bobbed about in the big waves and got knocked over until my feet were frozen and then called it a day.

I have a waterproof camera on order from Amazon so hopefully the pictures will improve dramatically -

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