Monday, 24 November 2014

Plimmer Tree

A 14 miler up the WOL and back by the canal today. I didn't really feel like a longer run. (Anything more than 10 miles seems like a "longer" run to me at the minute) but in the interests of staying strong and probably weight control I still thought it was a good idea. It was meant to be sunny, but it wasn't. As I ran up the WOL however, the day revealed its more subtle charms. The air was cool and it was quite still. There were a lot of mossy greens and yellows.

At the skate park, there were no children for once, so I stopped to take a picture of the eskimo astronaut thing I had seen many times before and quite liked. As I turned around I thought I saw lots of crows sitting in a tree. A second look revealed that the tree was full of plimsolls. Just how long has it been like that? Anyone who has watched Burnistoun will remember their song "Whose shoes are they?"


Well that was in my head for pretty much the rest of the run.

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