Sunday, 26 October 2014

Recovery run and short, sharp swim

Another Sunday, another easy run and a swim. It was blowing a gale and we were both kind of cold and low blood sugary. We started off with the wind behind and I was surprised to find I was running 6.23 pace on a recovery run! It was a stiff wind.
We ran 4 miles around Gullane and then it was time for "going in".

I didn't time it but it's likely it took us longer to boot and suit up than we spent in the water. My head just wouldn't accept how cold it was, giving me a band of cold pain across my brow. So a quick flop about in the choppy seas and then out...leaving me feeling like a bit of a wimp. There had been surfers standing chatting in the car park as we made our way down to the beach and we skirted around them shame faced on the way back. And then we had the difficult task of getting out of our suits and in to warmer clothes with all our muscles clenched and the wind trying to blow everything away. I know, I'm not selling it.

If we really are just going in for a dip then it would be easier to run in in my costume and run out again. But if we're going to swim - and I really do want to swim - I'm going to have to man up somehow. Maybe goose fat on my face would do it!

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