Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Job

The last 24 hours or so were torture. I thought I was going to be hearing for sure how the interview went on Monday morning. Monday morning came and went. My phone was never far away. I didn't even think I'd got the job  but I just wanted to know.  My phone comes from the dark ages and doesn't take messages so I had to keep it near.

I'd offered to give Peter a lift up the road with his paint and buckets and ladders and whatnot to a job in Liberton. While we were out the radiator levels warning light started flashing telling me the radiator is still leaking. I don't really approve of people asking "why me?". "Why not you?" is just as good a question.
Still I was thinking it. Why me? Feck off fate and give me a break.
 It was a long day and by the time I put the phone off for yoga at 7pm I felt defeated.

Today I wondered if I'd misheard and they'd actually said they weren't going to phone anyone except the successful candidates. I emailed someone to put me out of my misery if this was the case but they never got back to me. Then, when I was in the shower, the phone finally went off. So I was in the buff and dripping everywhere when I was offered the job! It's still sinking in. It's a job I want, with a team I like, working hours I like. Oh ya beauty beauty.

The guys at the garage were profusely apologetic. No they weren't. They said "Your radiator's a real pain!" I agreed with them heartily and apologised too. Whatever it takes. Just fix it.

On the running front I've got a worrisome pain in my right foot. So I'm preparing it for the race by running on it everyday just to see if it's still sore. We'll see how that works out. On the upside, I can probably push the boat out and buy a pair of new shoes....


Climbingmandy said...

Well done Mary!! Delighted for you!!

coastkid said...

Good news!

See you on the coast sometime soon :)

idleage said...

glad it came good after horrendous wait. odd how often you can make the phone ring by going to the bog, some day scientists will find out why this is.