Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Runday

The sun was shining again this morning and the van appears to be fixed. (It cost £££s. Ouch.) Peter was sleeping very deeply but I knew there would be much protest if I didn't at least give him the chance to come to the beach too.

It was sunny, but there was a cold wind blowing, and I chose the wrong way to go round the beach so we were running into a stiff head-wind all the way along the exposed coast.
Still it was good to get out and away from trying to get myself 'interview ready' for Friday.

My legs were still like set concrete after Friday's much longer than usual run.

Then home and back to it. I've been reading "The Matrix" A guide to delivering evidence-based psychological therapies in Scotland. It isn't nearly as exciting as the film.

Eyes are square

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