Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hill Training on the Seat

Today I stayed lower and warmer and went up Arthur's Seat to do as much up-hilling as I could face. It is much harder inventing routes to go up than just being faced with a bloody big hill and getting over it however you can. Each of my last three runs in the Pentlands I have fallen short of what I set out to do though, so I was determined to at least push it a bit.

It was a lovely sunny day, albeit blowy and it felt a lot warmer than yesterday. Half way up the back of the crags I remembered what I used to know - that you can run up any hill if you just slow down enough. I got into my super-low gear and was really very comfortable. The sun-shine made the whole thing enjoyable and before I knew it I was having a good time. I went up the back of the crags and then down Hunter's Bog and up to the top by the well traveled main track - then I ran down onto and round Whinny Hill, and  after having a word with myself about determination, I reluctantly ran up the front of Arthur's Seat from the top loch. The low gear did the trick and it wasn't so bad - so then I ran back down to the crags side and along another path near the crags, one last long downhill into the Queen's Park and then home.

I am so pleased with myself I am this far from ordering a new pair of Mudclaws even though I don't know if I'll have a job in less than a month's time and I really shouldn't.

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