Saturday, 2 March 2013

Aberlady Sunshine

I had a meeting this morning and then we had to head out to use the last of the sunshine. I wanted about 5 miles very very slow so that I might be alright for a long run tomorrow. We met up with Amanda in Gullane and ran first to the subs. There's something about looking at the subs that makes me put my hands on my hips. Will you look at that then. The mini-subs.

Then we headed back to Gullane, this time with the rather sharp wind behind us which was a relief, and took in a loop of the Jimmy Saville Woods. Some new faces along there. Then back to Gullane.

7 miles. Very slow as planned but I'm still not sure about really tackling a long run tomorrow. I am so knackered.

After the run we drove back to Amanda's sister's house in Aberlady for beetroot soup and toast. Alison's cat was staying strictly in the safety of her box while the "boys" were around.

Eek, it's this time already, I'm still in my running stuff. I have course work to read. Need to get a shower. Need to eat tea. Need to sleep about 1000 hours. How am I going to do it?


Neil said...

Jimmy Saville woods??

Yak Hunter said...

The first time we came across one of these people in the woods we thought he looked like Jimmy Saville. (See here )
That was before the Jimmy Saville scandal and to us those woods have become the Jimmy Saville woods. They probably have a nicer name though...

Yak Hunter said...

Oops, Peter says it's Jimmy Savile. He should know. Is that late night Neil?