Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best Use of a Friday Afternoon

Busy day yesterday. Busier than I would normally look for but it all worked out perfectly. I was up at 6.30 to get up the road and work til 12.30. The day looked unpromising at that point and the weather forecast said it was going to be dull at best, and the wind was bitingly cold. I got home at 1pm to eat something and get changed and Michael Geoghegan, who is on holiday from Sheffield and loving it arrived at 1.30 at which point we jumped in the van and went to pick up Peter from a job in Longniddry. He was waiting, ready for us just after 2pm. He threw the wallpapering table and paints and brushes in the boot and onwards we went to Gullane. By this time the sun had come out - an unexpected bonus.

I had doubted that we would all get it together in time and thought a night run was probably on the cards. So much so I'd changed the batteries in my head torch and was planning to take it - but in the event I forgot it anyway. I needn't have worried. We got a 10 miler in round the coast at a good pace and were back long before dark and in plenty of time to stop at the Gullane SuperFry for chip rolls. Can I just say that I didn't have a chip roll, I went to the Co-op and queued for an age to buy one banana and a bottle of water. I am hoping my reward will be in better future running.

During the run Michael's mad enthusiasm for running had me agreeing that a spring half marathon was probably a good idea and I definitely wanted another go at the Lairig Ghru next year. We also heard the story of how he had a place in the Dublin Marathon last week but was going to spectate as he had a pain in his foot. Once over there, however, he met a cousin who was going to run his first marathon. The cousin's enthusiasm led Michael to decide to just collect his number. Then once he'd collected his number he decided he'd just have a bit of a run on the day and then drop out at a pre-determined point. However he couldn't bring himself to drop out so he ran the whole way in a creditable 3.06.  As he just recently ran 2.54 at Moray he wasn't delighted about this but given he hadn't tapered as he hadn't planned to run and he had a pain in his foot it was pretty good. The best bit was his foot didn't seem to be any worse. There's something awfully more-ish about running. Especially if you're Michael G.
The wind was still very sharp, but it was behind us running along the beach. The low light turned everything golden.

A day off today as we're off to do the Southside Six  16 mile race in Glasgow tomorrow. (If I can find the way in the car!) An odd choice really and my first race since June, but it seems like its long enough so my lack of speed will count for less. I'm trying to think of it as a novel supported 16 mile run.

Sad news today that the New York Marathon has been cancelled. There are three Porties +1 over there right now who will be  massively disappointed. Their training has gone well and obviously they've shelled out loads of money to be there.

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