Friday, 27 January 2012

Pans 2 NB 2 - kinda long

I'd promised myself I'd try to make better use of my Fridays, which consist of getting up earlier than I want to and then working for 4 hours and coming home. Despite it being a good early start to the weekend I usually feel a bit crap by the time I'm home because I'm tired and tend to waste the day. This Friday I hatched a plan to have a plan and then come home from work and execute it before getting too comfy shuffling around in pyjamas. We're both needing to do more long running so we thought we might take the train to Prestonpans and then run the coast to North Berwick and get the train back...but the timings weren't working out great.

Last night we couldn't agree on the best course of action so we just left it. Today dawned very cold but nice and still with a lovely pink sunrise going on as I cycled up the Bridges. As luck would have it my nice charge nurse remembered that I'd worked 2 extra half hours recently and set me free an hour early. I got down the road and the train timings still weren't working out great so we drove to Prestonpans station and ditched the car and set off. It was very cold and it took courage to wear shorts but I was remembering how yesterday 5 minutes into the run I was too hot. I feel like tights just slow me down and I don't want slowed down so...shorts it was. Not 5, but maybe 15 minutes into the run I was nice and warm and had to ditch my gloves and buff. It had been a bit grey when we set off but the sun came out and stayed out.

What more to really was nice out in the sunshine. Peter did a bit of tree climbing in the magic glade just before Aberlady. As the sun lowered the colours just got more and more spectacular. The tide was against us - just coming up tight to the shore as we got to Gullane so we had to come inland. When we got to Dirleton I had had enough and just wanted to take the road to NB but Peter wanted to go round the shore so we parted company. It was just starting to get dark and I wasn't really sure if I'd see him again. I thought he may have to do some swimming in the dark. But what to do? The Co-op was calling me with its bakery goods and I was starving...

Just after I arrived at the station and just before I forgetfully bought tickets for Edinburgh in the ticket machine, instead of remembering the car was at Prestonpans, Peter appeared. All was well. We went home.
I ran a little over 16 miles and he ran a bit more. Nice start to the weekend.

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