Thursday, 26 January 2012

6 days a week is fine.

When Tuesday came around I knew I wasn't going to run so my schedule is now running 6 days a week with a Tuesday off. I discover I am in good company as Ryan Hall has recently adopted the same approach. I've mentioned it before but I think Ryan Hall is great. He has let his old coach go so that God can coach him direct. Other people would call it intuition but to him its God talking to him. It seems to be working for him as he's got his best marathon time down to 2.04.58...

God didn't have much to say about whether I went a run or not this morning and I was kind of reluctant to go. I have the choice on a Thursday of going out in the morning or going later in the evening and its tempting sometimes just to put it off, but 5 minutes into the run I was glad I'd gone. It was nice and still and although it was cold I was very soon perfectly warm. A wee trot round Arthur's Seat proved to be enjoyable. Now I have my evening free for...hmmm....studying and doing the dishes. Bonzer.

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