Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A measly little run up the Braids and Blackford Hill

I had a most inconvenient appointment for occupational health this morning to get my MMR2 - yes, mostly babies get this, but I agreed to have it for the good of the nation, as measles is back on the rise. I've been on about this before.

I put off the last one so reluctantly thought I better go this time. The problem is Wednesday morning is a running morning as I have university all afternoon and evening. I thought maybe I should drive up to the Astley Ainslie and then use the fact I was in that part of town to go a nice run up the hills up there. I had some  sprints to start with which was to do with not getting parked and then being late rather than any new radical warm up. I was late so I was delighted that the nurse came and got me about 2 minutes after I arrived, ahead of all the other people in the waiting room. (They loved that.) I guess the schedule was running late and they were all early.

So anyway, that all went fine and I got up to the Braids for a run as planned. What a lovely morning! It was strange being in that civilised part of the world where dogs don't come and noise you up and everyone says good morning. My legs were a little stiff from double-racing at the weekend but not too bad. The path round there is absolutely filthy. When I got round to the path down to the Hermitage I went down there and up the other side and up the hill to the top of Blackford Hill and then back down and back up to the Braids again. Got scratched to pieces by thorn bushes, stung by something I never saw and covered in mud. Lovely.

So I'm told that the evidence that seemed to point to a link between autism and the MMR jabs was discredited. But I'm still going to keep an eye on myself. I'm suddenly feeling it might be good to read the phone book. Where did I put it?

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