Sunday, 30 October 2011

Back to the Pentlands

It took discipline to get out there today. Still just a bit knackered. Need to get aff the wine!

We did the Pentlands "road run" in reverse today for a bit of novelty. Road shoes. The trails were dry. Difficult to believe after the deluge we witnessed in the West.

The car park at Flotterstone was full to over-flowing. The roads were filled with dogs and walkers. There were quite a lot of mountain bikers but pushing your bike seems to be the new making an effort. Tsk.

Subdued autumnal stuff going on.

My last two weeks mileage has struggled to make it into the early 20s but there's no point pushing the boat out now as we've got the Glenogle 33 miler on Saturday. I'm just thinking Kielder on the 9th of Oct will have to do as our last long run. Tried to push the last 3 miles down the road from the Howe but given it was all downhill with the wind at our backs it seemed a bit of an effort. I think our blood sugar was getting low as we bickered our way out of the car park and home. Soup and rolls helped a lot.

Just under 12 hilly miles.

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happy_tom said...

beautiful photos as usual. I must get up the pentlands in the spring. no excuses!